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Terry(Bo)'s Dog Rescue Story
I’m going home today.. HOME…..


 Though there were numerous applicants interested in Terry, it was clear and defined after interviewing Michael where Terry belonged.  On February 23th, Michael met Terry and Terry instantly became the center of Michael’s universe.  Michael – an adopter if only this world had millions of –  has shared the below words about his Terry.

From Michael:

“Currently taking in all there is to see birds flying by, lizards on the trees, dogs across the way but he just deeply present and happy perched on my lap taking it all in

Also note he is a very fast learner and has already stopped counter sniffing, waits and sits by doors so people can enter first and he walks like a gentleman with his thin walking leash been on 2 longish walks so far

He’s basically become my soul sheperd as he is teaching me things about life seemingly every minute…patience without stress and worry, loving without fear, making friends without judgements…

I am still learning to translate into words what Terry’s (Bo) experience on coming into my life means…

He is so deeply loved”  To see comments and more information please go to: https://www.facebook.com/250846728289533/photos/a.252251361482403.64210.250846728289533/723619017678966/?type=1&theater




Marco’s New HorizonMarco's Rescue Dog Adoption Story
While under our rescue every potential adopter who after meeting Marco wanted to adopt him. Marco, a deep and intelligent young boy, however, held out. He would approach, express his respectful yet detached greetings and then walk away. Marco had made his decision; numerous adoptions had to be denied.
When Kira first came to meet Marco his eyes lit up. When she sat down he brushed her face with soft kisses. After Marco’s preliminary “I have somehow always known you and I love you.”  Marco then snuggled comfortably at Kira’s feet, closed his eyes and peacefully rested. Marco made his decision.
Marco, now serving as Kira’s special service dog, will never leave her side – restaurants, movies, classes, Marco will accompany Kira. Marco once a death row dog, who was saved one day before he was to be put to sleep, is, at the time of this writing, traveling by jet inside the cabin beside his beloved Kira as she embarks upon her career in veterinary medicine


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