If there was a need, Angela triumphantly fulfilled it.
If there was a problem, Angela masterfully solved it.
If there was a flaw, Angela strategically perfected it.
If there was a tear, Angela compassionately soothed it.

As a wife, daughter, mother, friend and dog rescuer –` respect, honor and cherished memories are forever imprinted in Angela’s legacy.

Angela Reinhardt Reischmann

September 7, 1969 – August 10, 2022

Angela photo one
Angela photo 2
Angela Three photo
Angela photo 4

Donors on Behalf of Angela
Karla Jane Burnau
Diana M. and Douglas P. Callaghan
Lois Elwood
Lisa K. Langdon
Lynn Lashua La Roche
David Lashua
Peter Lashua
Timothy P. Reischmann
Relatives of Joe Reinhardt

With style, dignity and brilliance, Angela Reinhardt Reischmann will remain a magical gift to all people and creatures whose lives she touched.